Happy days, moving on and thoughts

This post has been a work in progress for quite some time and it has gone through many iterations. What it is today does not reflect what it was when I started this post. Essentially in the beginning this blog post was driven by emotion and has been all over the place. The post went from pages, to what it is now and it acted as a sort of sound board for my thoughts.

As I work on the latest version of this post, I received the news that a decision has been rendered and on December 10th, The Supreme Court ruled that Nova Scotia’s Cyber Safety Act was struck down in what the court called a ‘colossal failure”.

Happy days, moving on and thoughts.

This legislation had issues from the beginning and was open to abuse as I had experienced, an experience that lasted a year trying to remedy. The legislation as it was written essentially makes cyber bullies of anyone that uses the internet and has an opinion. The definition so broad that you don’t even need to actually say anything directly to someone, the accuser just has to assume you are targeting them.

In the months and weeks ahead I get to start putting this all behind me. The abuse, betrayal and so much more really took its toll and I look forward to 2016. In general I am happy with today’s result and it is a relief as the last year has been quite stressful.

A big thanks goes out to David Fraser of McInnes Cooper and the CCLA for all the hard work and support in dealing with this issue.




  1. Darrin Searancke

    Well said, Robert.

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